LASIK Xtra does not increase corneal stiffness

Breaking News.LASIK Xtra does not increase corneal stiffness! We are always bringing you the latest and best ways to treat your vision problems. This time it is not good for people who have been marketing LASIK Xtra. Researchers at USC Roski Eye Institute in Los Angeles studied the effect of modified cross linking on lasik eye surgery They used a new technology Brillouin microscopy which has shown promise in diagnosing keratoconus. It can measure corneal biomechanics and thus help understand the effect of keratoconus treatment

More about brillouin microscopy later. Now suffice to say that it is the next generation of technology with only three units deployed in the United States.

So researchers at USC Roski eye institute (it used to be USC Dohrny  but that is another story) were able to acquire one; thanks to the generosity of a wealthy donor. So they used it to see if applying riboflavin and UV radiation  after doing lasik yielded any benfit.

Just like we had predicted for many years. No benefit. So trash all the commercials you see touting the positive effects of Lasik xtra


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