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Rajesh Khanna MD

Experiencing childhood in India with conditions comparable to the movie Slum Dog Millionaire, Rajesh Khanna will never forget the giving nature of his family. Currently he is working as an eye specialist.


“I did a great deal of charity camps for vision improvement ― my works propelled me,” reviewed Khanna, who saw numerous individuals in his local land with visual inabilities. “I was likewise profoundly associated with this subject. I was exceptionally moved … giving vision. This thought of vision and helping other people was continuously toward the rear of my brain.”

Specialist: Rajesh Khanna MD

Years of experience: 22+

Specialisation: Eye Surgeon



The Khanna Institute of Lasik Surgery gives the most recent innovation in vision rectification, custom-made to every individual contingent upon their degree of astigmatism, partial blindness, farsightedness and presbyopia, which is the failure to center in nearnesses, causing the requirement for understanding glasses. Dr.Khanna’s most current methodology called PRELEX is focused on toward the 50 also, over age bunch. “The medical procedure incorporates trading the characteristic focal point for a presbyopic embed focal point,” he said.

Basically the medical procedure ― which takes under 15 minutes and can likewise forestall waterfall advancement ― frees the requirement for perusing glasses while safeguarding or improving distance vision. This can be done regardless of whether an individual has waterfalls.


More Secure Than LASIK

“It is considered more secure than LASIK as the fold is shallow furthermore, meager,” clarified Khanna, who utilizes a gadget called an epikeratome at his Westlake Village area to make a little epithelial fold in the shallow layers of the cornea. He then, at that point delicately applies a Wavefront-based excimer laser bar to address the mistake. Since the fold is made with an epikeratome rather than a microkeratome, Khanna can mold a more slender fold than in customary LASIK medical procedure.

Positive Approach

Each staff is trained to provide a specialized personal treatment approach to each patient.


Committed Staff

Each Patient is our family and we are committed to provide best medical care even in emergency situations.


Lifelong Care

Personal touch and lifelong interaction with our medical staff will not keep you safe but make you aware of your eyes.